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By investing as low as $100,000 you can get this green card if you are already on the US soil on H1B, H4, F1, or L1.

You will get your green card within 30 months. If you don’t already have a work permit then you can get a work permit to be working for these 30 months while you wait for the green card. It does not matter even if your country of birth is India, China, or Vietnam, you are eligible for this process if you have entered the United States legally on any visa except J visa or its derivatives. You don’t have to invest anything more than $100,000 on this because there are many solutions that are not as expensive EB5.

What are these solutions? Is it E2? Is it EB1? India and China are not treaty countries, so how can Indians get a green card this way with just $100,000?

We do have the answer to these questions but there is a consultation fee and we will only respond to messages and not comments. Because we are not trying to create a new online database of questions and answers. There are already many websites for such databases and for law books.

If you are someone who never pays for books and movies but finds its pirated versions, then do not message us and expect a free consultation, do your own research instead.

No restaurant gives away its secret recipes for free. It only gives away food for a price. The purpose of quoting this analogy is to make it clear that we are not a non-profit organization and that our services are expensive.

To prove our legitimacy, we are open to providing testimonials, and references at our office but we are not willing to explain the solutions for free. So we will be happy to reply if you ask us questions like this:

1) How much does this process cost?

2) What is the hourly consultation fee to discuss this process?

We accept a case after a very thorough analysis. So if we accept a case, it means you will get the green card FOR SURE.

Just look at the testimonials on our website. An old client who got the green card through us had called us recently. During the course of the conversation, he said- “I came to the US for education and I spent more than a $100000 on Masters and Ph.D. with the hopes to settle down here permanently but only later did I realize that I have wasted all that money. If I had found you earlier, before I started my education in the US, I could have simply started working right from the time I arrived and I would have avoided many years of uncertainty and unnecessary spending. It would have been better if I paid the same $100000 to you for your excellent service. So, Thank you.”

If you are buying our services it means that you will only have to sign the applications, attend the bio-metrics appointment to give your fingerprints, and receive the green card. It is the existence of our group that makes it very easy for a person to get the American Green card if not it would be very difficult. Now there are at least some people who get the green card very easily and these are the people who buy our services. If we did not exist no one could have gotten the GC so easily even if they were willing to pay for it. We have saved many lives by stopping their deportation, we have made their American dream come true.

INFORMATIVE ONLY: We are not trying to promote our services, this is not an advertisement. We are only interested in informing you of our existence so that you know you can simply buy our services to get the green card when you want it and you never have to worry about going back again.

What we can do for you is this: just like finding and separating the wheat from the chaff coming from hay that was already discarded, we can find justice for you even amidst an ocean of injustice. We will not try and fight the ocean currents; we will not try to fight the system or change it, we will show you how to wade through it and that is how we will make sure that you reach your destination.

If you are a student studying at a law school you are taught that taking advantage of loopholes in the law is not illegal but immoral.

Let us look at immigration law from the standpoint of an aspiring immigrant who came into the United States Legally and never broke a single rule. Despite all his good behavior and hard work he still did not get the green card because we have a broken immigration system which tells him: “look I don’t care about your clean record or your skills, this is a lottery, all that matters is whether you win this lottery or not.” How is this moral?

If you are smart enough to take a hint and learn from us then you can get your green card very soon.

Until 1920 it was illegal even for white women to vote. Until the very recent 1965, African Americans and all people of color did not have the right to vote. Let us not try to cover up the facts here and pretend that everything is alright because until 1865 it was illegal for a slave to flee his service. Slavery was legal and if you decided to flee your service they the courts in the united states would legally sentence you to punishment such as whipping, shackling, hanging, beating, burning, mutilation, branding, rape, and imprisonment. By law, slaveholders could be fined for not punishing recaptured runaway slaves. Slave codes authorized, indemnified, or required violence, and were denounced by abolitionists for their brutality.

During times like this what if some women utilized a loophole in the law to vote? What if someone else took advantage of the then loopholes in the law to be legally emancipated from slavery and pronounced a free man. Is it not smarter than spending away an entire lifetime fighting the system to end slavery altogether or to get voting rights for all? Those who did fight these fights did not live to enjoy the victory resulting from these fights, it’s only the future generations who enjoyed it.

You are welcome to message us if you are interested in availing of our services.

DISCLAIMER: However if you are only interested in judging us but not availing our services, then instead of messaging us please go and contact USCIS, DHS, FBI, and every government body you find and keep on complaining against us until you get tired. Whatever anti-immigrant sentiments you might hold, and whatever jealousy you might hold against other aspiring immigrants, you will only get tired of complaining but you will not be able to stop us because at the end of the day we are a legally licensed company following the rule of law at every step of the process.